Yet Another MP in Violent Attack

Yet Another MP in Violent Attack

BendaBuru Alert ...another Member of Parliament was engaged in a vicious attack in the company of aides earlier today. A Blogger shared with this sit

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BendaBuru Alert …another Member of Parliament was engaged in a vicious attack in the company of aides earlier today. A Blogger shared with this sites’ Chief Editor a video further raising concern over the culture of violence taking root among members of parliament.

In the video, Hon. Elisha Odhiambo, Gem Member of Parliament is observed arriving in the company of aides, and exchanges greetings with a group of youths. Among the youth, is Maurice Ochieng Apindi alias Don Pablo, a local political blogger and critic of the government.

Elisha proceeds to display despicable conduct by pouncing, and raining blows on Apindi, while asking Apindi “Why did you post that I have been arrested?” This was in reference to a recent Facebook post by [Apindi], in which he [Apindi] notified the public that their M.P had been arrested by anti-corruption Officers.

Elisha Odhiambo,
Gem M.P. attacks the Blogger in Kisumu

Kasipul MP, Ongondo Were – stabbing and death in Oyugis

Curiously, this comes in the wake of yet another fatal incident, said to involve Kasipul MP, Ongondo Were in Oyugis town.

Kennedy Okong’o, a tutor at Omiro Vocational Training Institute was stabbed severally in  the stomach. and is currently fighting for his life at a hospital in Kisii County.

Police reports indicate the MP, together with his aides, identified as Jerry Ouma and Lamon Okoth, drove into the hotel in the outskirts of Oyugis town, Homabay County, Sunday evening in a government Vehicle belonging to Kasipul National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) before attacking the tutor.

Kennedy Okong’o, fights for his life

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Culture of Violence

Seen in the context of the rampant culture of violence in the country, where several lives have been lost over the last couple of months. The conduct of these M.Ps is certainly disturbing.

As legislators, they carry an even GREATER ethical responsibility in view of their role as Members of Parliament. The least they could do is to offer an unconditional apology to the entire country for their conduct.

its comforting though, that the days of these kind of failed leaders is numbered, as Kenyans awaken. Some Kenyans are now willing to increasingly demonstrate ~ however faintly ~ that they are fed up with the status quo, and are now demanding more of their elected leadership.

The Peoples’ Decision

The following video demonstrates that all is not lost, and there is a way of dealing with FAILED LEADERSHIP . Send them Home! As Gov. Waititu of Kiambu recently experienced.

Photo of the O.B Number is presented here-below.