Why in 2019, the Supreme Court MUST Speak Clearly for HomaBay County or else…..

Why in 2019, the Supreme Court MUST Speak Clearly for HomaBay County or else…..

BendAburu Alert .. 2019 begun with an expectation in HomaBay County for the day ~in January~ when truth will be taught a lesson by the Supreme Court.

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BendAburu Alert ..

2019 begun with an expectation in HomaBay County for the day ~in January~ when truth will be taught a lesson by the Supreme Court.  The people of HomaBay believe, in earnest, that their voice will be heard and they gladly, will endure the painful process of a gubernatorial [repeat] election this year. ….AND MORE…

How do you convince the upcoming generation that education is key to success when we are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals – Julius Malema

“The gravest threat to Africa’s future is not colonialism, but the ‘great appetites’ of post-colonial elites, and their ‘absence of ideology’” –  Frans Fanon

Only this time, the people of HomaBay intend to ensure, unambigously and without hesitation, that their decision is exercised through – the voice of the people – and to ensure it is respected through the ballot – and/or signature campaign to suspend the County government! This was continously expressed in an equivocal message shared with us by a cross section of people in various parts of the county whom accompanied with Walter Opiyo Speaker, Bunge La Wenye Nchi HomaBay, we recently met.

These sentiments are not altogether a surprise, considering events in some of the counties, have also not gone well and are a national concern.  However, the sorry state of affairs, in HomaBay County places it in a league of its own. The lack of leadership in the HomaBay County administration, the rampant and unabated plunder of public resources and the lack of development in  the County. Facts which have not only been cited in the credible reports by the Auditor General. But have also been the subject of some mysteriously quiet fact finding [and results unreported] visits by Members of the Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee.  These all seem to warrant the state of events in HomaBay County being declared a national crisis.

It is not only morally wrong, but  condems a people to an unwarranted long period of bad leadership and abuse of our rights to self determination! – Peter Ouma Muga

Governor Cyprian Awiti – Photo Courtesy

Kenyans [who care to know], understand, and many sympathize with HomaBay County. Some have even joined the vigil over the ruling on the election  of Governor Cyprian Awiti.  He seeks to overturn a Court of Appeal ruling that nullified his win. The petition’s verdict will determine whether voters in HomaBay will have to elect a new governor.   The Appeal Court upheld an earlier judgment of the High Court that had established that the IEBC failed to conduct a free and fair poll.

Kenyans of good-will and County residents alike pray that the Supreme Court  ~will reflect the voice of the people of HomaBay in the  ruling~ guided by a vision of a capable and responsive Supreme Court committed to serving the Kenyan people.

Indeed the Supreme Court is faced with the challenge to do a great deal more, and  to entrench democracy and the choice of the people – that is why the Supreme Court ruling is key!.  It includes denying the ongoing frivolous attempts to extend the stay order to enable Governor Awiti continue as Governor. So doing, is not only morally wrong, but  condems a people to an unwarranted long period of bad leadership and abuse of our rights to self determination!

Reminder  – the Fight for a new kind of Independence 

2019 is a year, one can’t fail to call out to Kenyans to recognize the start of a new era – a new terrain of struggle – where the interests of the poor are thinly catered for.  Because history has also shown us how liberation movements across the world end up being irrelevant, and in the process, lose the hearts and minds of those liberated.  Its not misplaced, I think, to suggest the HomaBay situation on this score serves as such a perfect example of hurting victims.

The cry of the people of HomaBay continues to fall on deaf elected representatives who continue to loot public funds with impunity. Some public servants who have colluded in turning the public purse into their personal purse and proceeded to bribe the electorate and joined politics. Some are now members of parliament (the current MP for Nthiwa is a good example) and are in the local assembly as others now surely lining up to join the political race…..Isaiah Ogwe [County Secretary], Marene Agwa [Governor Awitis secretary] and many others..

We cannot continue to reward economic genocide!!

“…Justice be our shield and Defender …” Photo Courtesy

The Supreme Court  ruling on the HomaBay matter will therefore not only serve as an opportunity to test the resolve of the Supreme Court to stop the gravy train of looting and plundering and act above politics, but it will also serve as a reminder on the direction Kenyans trapped in the cycle of impunity, corruption and poverty MUST take in the fight to get their way out – as they break the triple threat which now appears to morph with endemic proportions.

And so our vote [and/or  signature campaign to suspend the county government] ~as will surely happen in HomaBay~ is not an act in isolation, but rather the exercise of our voice off the backs and shoulders of the many men and women that sacrificed so much in order to secure the vote and freedom that is reflected in our constitution.

We have committed not to betray the dreams of those who came before us! We would rather die, for a dream that is going to be realised by many generations after us even if we do not realise it ourselves. We are committed to a firm foundation for generatoins to come and seek to inspire confidence in the next generation.

It’s not a lie therefore, that this is also a year to remember that like the HomaBay residents,  we are all burdened with the reality that political parties’ nominations are often ill-suited to serve the interests of citizens. If they did, then surely from his record, Governor Cyprian Awiti, would never have been even  a “Kidhedhe” – village elder

The Orange Democratic Movement, ODM, therefore if it’s to retain the respect of the people must present a more worthy candidate come the election!  Because the people of HomaBay will have to make a few tough choices in emancipating themselves from the current crisis.

The Devolution Fruit Benefitted Only A Few

Devolution in 2013 was a blessing for this region sidelined from development since independence. It was seen to give the people of Homa-Bay a second chance to spark regional development with an equitable share of government resources.

The region is now a laughing stock of other counties.  Headed by Governor Cyprian Awiti, it is now, acknowleged, the administraion has failed as the region continues to spiral into the backwaters of development begging answers to a series of development issues .

A year that people of HomaBay must seize the moment to entrench their voice .

The region is yet to experience the county government and its representatives being committed to issues of poverty, infrastructure development and tackling unemployment.  The people are yet to know that their county government will begin the work of rebuilding the county, so that it can answer the call of people of HomaBay. The people of HomaBay are reclined to a helpless lot, when they see looters of public coffers go scot free. They need to know their public representatives and civil servants can be held accountable.  They need to know that those responsible for county capture and looting will be held accountable and that they will be prosecuted.

It is not an understatement, that the HomaBay County is still struggling with the basics of County governance and development – drinking water, roads health facilities!  As it is, since inception 8 years ago, unbelievably, there is not a single ~completed~ project attributed to the County government! While the other Counties nationally appear to be on a growth trajectory!

While the regions elected leadership [Women Rep, MPs and most MCAs, not even the Senator who also happens to chairs the influential Senate Public Accounts and Investments Commitee] are silent over the onslaught of corruption and inept county government leadership in the county.  Unless, of course, their studious behavioiur and quietness demonstrates complicity in the plunder!

The people of HomaBay, in 2019, must seize this moment to entrench their voice in their development or continue to be left behind as other parts of the country grow in leaps and bounds.

.…….We will have ourselves to blame!………….

…Speak or else….

These are serious concerns as the people of HomaBay are already weighted down, victims of the insatiable appetite of a corrupt clique of politicians and public servants, burdened by poverty and lacking basic development needs.  Ultimately, nothing short of listening to the voice of the people of HomaBay is going to fix it!

Let the people of HomaBay determine their own leadership, not because the “leaders” are torturing them, intimidating them, and imposing themselves on the people of HomaBay!! HomaBay is not a playground of the rich political interests, it is not a desert by a place where human beings are found and they must be treated with respect and dignity – they have a right to self determination.

The Supreme Court can therefore ill afford, but to clearly speak for the people of HomaBay in its ruling in 2019. Not doing so, would surely amount to the betrayal of a people who now wallow in poverty – and surely God is on their side, if you aren’t!

Peter Ouma MugaAdvisor Bunge la wenye Nchi,  HomaBay


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