Why Police & Public Must Smoke Out “Serial Offender MP”

Why Police & Public Must Smoke Out “Serial Offender MP”

BendAburu Alert.. alleged serial assault offender, Kasipul MP, Ongondo Were, among breed of - worst, unqualified, unprincipled and unworthy leaders

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BendAburu Alert.. alleged serial assault offender, Kasipul MP, Ongondo Were, among breed of – worst, unqualified, unprincipled and unworthy leaders”  – Kakistocrats.

He is being sought by Police, to record a statement over the stabbing of Kennedy Okong’o. A tutor at Omiro Vocational Training Institute, Kennedy was stabbed severally in  the stomach, and is currently fighting for his life at a hospital in Kisii County.

Police reports indicate the MP, together with his aides, identified as Jerry Ouma and Lamon Okoth, drove into the hotel in the outskirts of Oyugis town, Homabay County, Sunday evening in a government Vehicle belonging to Kasipul National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) before attacking the tutor.

Mr. Ong’ondo Were – MP Kasipul – being sought by police

Okong’o is alleged to have been a supporter of the MP ahead of the 2017 general election, but later withdrew his support for the MP due to unknown reasons, which is suspected to have angered the MP and his aides.

And yet, this is reportedly not the first such assault incident involving the mheshimiwa [honorable fellow] . who in 2017, only contributed four times to parliamentary debate

Is MP a Serial Assault Offender – emboldened by a culture of impunity.

The MP, reportedly, has a history of assaults, including a recent incident over the ownership of a WhatsApp group.  He allegedly attacked Willis Abonga in Kisumu outside the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.  

Abonga, who sustained injuries to the chin, reported the matter at Kondele police station Kisumu– OB47/30/05/2019.

The CID boss has reiterated, police officers are still looking for the legislator who cannot be reached on phone, including the driver and the NG-CDF vehicle who disappeared after the incident

Kenyans are getting to see through the unworthy leadership by this crop of politicians, and are willing to deal with it ….. the wheel is surely turning …. however slowly , but it surely is – Peter Ouma Muga

Culture of Violence

Seen in the context of the rampant culture of violence in the country, in which several killings have been witnessed over the last couple of months. The incidences involving a member of parliament is disturbing.

Ong’ondo Were with Raila Odinga – Photo Courtesy

Which validates recent sentiments that the singing and praying by the legislators during the #PrayerBreakfast2019 was a complete waste of time – curiously he was in the parliamentary choir.

As a legislator, he carries an even GREATER ethical responsibility in view of his role as a Member of Parliament and upholder of law and order.

its comforting though, that the days of these kind of failed leaders is numbered, as Kenyans awaken. Some Kenyans are now willing to increasingly demonstrate ~ however faintly ~ that they are fed up with the status quo, and are now demanding more of their elected leadership.

The Peoples Decision

The following video is shared with the people of Kasipul Constituency [and others], that IF THEY DESIRED, they would NOT endure FAILED LEADERSHIP for another day.

When People Say “NO”
The Red Revolution” has begun

It will be interesting to see whether this, like most matters involving politicians fizzles out and not action is taken by the investigating authorities.