BendAburu Alert

What is a BendAburu Alert?

BendAburu Alerts

Take Action – BendAburu Alert –  is a powerful activism tool that encourages the public to become critically engaged with events. The alerts inspire action in the belief that our society gets stronger, when everyone can gather information to check the actions of authorities and companies. distributes timely, focused reports that are data driven informative news items, sent out via email and published on our website.

While sharing information we go after the facts – “Nothing Sacred but the Truth”

Typically, we take a topic – for example, the published county development reports and check accuracy and honesty against the facts, and against the testimony of expert commentators and other reliable sources.

We then invite readers to make their views known both to us and to those concerned including mainstream journalists through the “Suggested Action” section at the end of each alert where we provide contact details for editors and journalists and concerned parties that can positively influence a solution to the concern.

We urge correspondents to adopt a polite, rational and respectful tone at all times; we strongly oppose all abuse and personal attack. We often then follow up our alerts with updates containing analysis of, and commentary on, responses to our alerts, our readers’ emails, and so on. BendAburu Alerts are archived here for ease of public reference.