How to Free County in 2019 from #HomaBayMosquitoCartel

How to Free County in 2019 from #HomaBayMosquitoCartel

BendAburu Alert ... 2019 is "the year" to reclaim HomaBay and the #1 focus MUST BE to turn the heat on those holding the County Mosquito like hostage

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BendAburu Alert …

2019 is “the year” to reclaim HomaBay and the #1 focus MUST BE to turn the heat on those holding the County Mosquito like hostage.  The recovery will not be easy. It will take Homa-Bay county 20 years OR MORE [of focused leadership – Governor/MCAs and CECs] to recover from the – Awiti-Orata-Ogwe– disaster that has , reached epidemic propotions since its advent with devolution in 2013.
So the sooner we start to get rid of the disaster [and its roots] the better!!

After months of non-performance and unabated corruption,  residents of HomaBay County, have now initiated a signature campaign to suspend the ‘sick’ Homabay County Government.

During a recent popular late night call in Radio Show hosted by Oniala Oniala on Sunset Radio [with a target audience in HomaBay and neighbouring counties,] and one of the few truely independent radio stations where the cartel has yet to infitrate with people bidding its call, Peter Ouma Muga declared;

“The rot in HomaBay County government is deep and embedded, and the only way to save HomaBay County is to end, and dismantle the failed corrupt and inept HomaBay county government.  Nothing short of a complete overhaul including the exit of the current Governor, his deputy and some of the MCAs, and the reappointment of new and competent CECs will work” said Mr.  Ouma Muga one of the co-ordinators of the signature campaign.

While the governor is “missing in action”for well over eight months, the Assembly has witnessed embarassing wrangles and fist fights hampering any legislative agenda.  The damning Auditor General FY 2016-17 report further raised significant queries over the financial health of the county putting the performance of the members of the Assembly on the spot-light over their ability to effectively play their oversight role.

The County Secretary Mr Isaiah Ogwe’s high end Golden Rays Hotel valued at 800Million is a small testimony to the overnight accumulation of wealth by public servants in the county.  Others include Baracuda Hotel build in a record 6 months valued at 600M by a Chief Officer – Mr Dan Lieta besides other properties in Kisumu, Migori, Eldoret and Mwanza to mention a few.

The county is certainly degenerating with stalled, incomplete and abandoned county property and projects dotted all over the county.

One of the several County tractors and graders abandoned at the roadside and at various locations in the county


Stalled Kigoto maize factory, 4 years after it begun. HomaBay County government claims 54million has been spent here – does it look it?










The signatures collected will be submitted to His Excellency President, Uhuru Kenyatta informed Walter Opiyo and Peter Ouma of Bunge La Wenye Nchi HomaBay and Co-ordinators of the increasingly popular signature campaign.

Walter Opiyo collects signature from Boba Boda in HomaBay town

The campaign targets the threshold of 10 percent of registered voters in the county.

Co-ordinators of the campagn dubbed “Rees HomaBay”  – Rescue HomaBay campaign, have visited various local markets in the past week. Visits which have witnessed an increasing number of people disillusioned with the county government queue to append their signatures to the petition which is growing in popularity.

“This is our last resort” declared Walter Opiyo, Speaker of Bunge la Wenye Nchi.  

“Despite various appeals to the concerned government institutions the unabated corruption and looting in the county government of HomaBay continues, as it is widely believed to enjoy the support and protection of people in institutions manadated to fight the corruption hence the lack of progress in tackling it” continued Mr. Opiyo.

Peter Ouma Muga [R] shares the  signature booklet with Amb. Leo Odero [C] during the HomaBay Diocese silver Jubilee celebrations at Rakwaro Seminary. Mr Muga justification for the signature campaign as a last resort drew claps of approval from the congregation drawn from HomaBay and Migori Counties.

The county has been held hostage by a cartel, and it will take us 20years to undo the “Awiti 2-term disaster.” Now Conscious of our entitlement under Article 1 (1) of the Constitutions of Kenya which provides that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with the constitution said Mr. Ouma Muga, We seek to emancipate ourselves from this bondage and suspend the Homa-Bay County government in accordance with Article 192(1)(b) of the Constitution as the County government engages in actions that are against the common needs and interests of the citizens of Homa-Bay County.

The governor could not be reached for comment, however, Mr Juma Aluoch the governors spokes person responded saying “I have nothing to say.”