Open Letter: When Kenyans Sent in clowns – NOW comedy EATS Our politics

Open Letter: When Kenyans Sent in clowns – NOW comedy EATS Our politics

Its' funny, how our comedians are becoming politicians, while the politicians, become comedians - and public life turns into a circus of Jokers.

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Its’ funny, how our comedians are becoming politicians, while the politicians, become comedians – and public life turns into a circus of Jokers.

Dear Everybody,

Its’ funny, how our comedians are becoming politicians, while politicians, become comedians – all this as public life turns into a stream of jokes.

Hows’ that?

 “In a democracy,” it is said, “people will usually get the government they deserve.” And yeah, the strength, or weakness, of a democracy lies in its voters – WHILE the quality of the government reflects on us, who voted for them.

And yet, the government of the day, doesn’t NECESSARILY reflect the quality of ALL voters, – but only of the voters that won.

The government is only as good as the voters that won.

Um… Really?  When the best, most competent voters win, WE GET THE BEST government. While the opposite is also true: when the worst voters win, when the dark underbelly of the county [and national government] comes out on top, then democracy inevitably WILL YIELD THE TERRIBLY results we witness demonstrated by the current elected “Kakistocratic” ~ government by the worst element of a society. ~ leadership: explaining the blatant “nepotism” “incompetent government,” “runaway corruption.” ….

These adversaries of progress – the predators – in this country will always want their side of the most incompetent …….AND MORE…… unless they are exposed.

Predators tactics NOW exposed

These enemies of progress will always aim their attack on our weakest link – the minds of the Most Gullible of us.  Because, as always, being predators they always go after the slowest gazelles in the herd. 

Luckily enough not everyone is equally gullible, and the discerning ones among us increasingly identify the tactics of these predators. 

Its true…the gullible voters, are a permanent part of our country. And for so long as the political predators continue to thrive, the most gullible will be their prey. Our anger, however, shouldn’t be directed at the gullible voters, but at these cynical and selfish people who take advantage of them. We must protect these unsuspecting voters as we would protect an elderly grandparent from a Nigerian prince email scam.

Pffttt… That’s nothing.  We must expose these predators and their tactics.  Some of the predators seen in action include ;

  • James Orengo, Siaya Senator, recently admitted “having influenced the Supreme Court results of the recent HomaBay gubernatorial petition, as he tells the audience; ”if elections were held you surely would have finished the governor”… he callously admits killing democracy to serve his and the interests of the most powerful few.
  • When the government acts as if it is at war with its people threatening, putting the people under pressure over government projects i.e “Huduma Number Project” especially when it is not clearly explained to them. And more so, when question are raised and pertinent, actually, CRIMINAL FLAWS are observed. It’s disturbing when the gullible continue to queue without answers from the government. Joe Ageyo opened a can of worms this week

The Most Gullible enjoy being lied to multiple times per-day – they take lies “seriously, but not literally,” largely for the sake of entertainment. They sense no danger in being deceived. Life is just a dream to them, a reality television show where nothing matters other than to be amused.

Even so, the number of Gullible is increasingly shrinking and will NOT BE ENOUGH to win elections. That’s the beautiful thing about democracy: As long as a little more than 50 percent of citizens honor a commitment to never vote on the same side as the Gullible, democracy will give us a government and a nation that we can always be proud of. 

We need to keep the Gullible voters away from the levers of power. The Gullible of our citizens should be loved and represented in government. To that end, they should even win some elections. Their voices should be heard. But they should never again control the national government and or counties.

Luckily, and for the good of this country, some Kenyans’, recently signaled that they are not the same gullible people anymore.  

If recent Migori senatorial elections, Ugenya and Embakasi by-elections are anything to go by, they have demonstrated that the cynical and selfish predators who take advantage of gullible voters need to be forever on the losing side of most (but not necessarily all) elections.

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