Open Letter: Kenyan Apology  To His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Open Letter: Kenyan Apology To His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

This is NOT US ... #KenyansApologiseToUAE … Its a pity, this is HOW THE FAKE Gold Scandal will be SILENCED. We appeal to you to kindly deal with ALL these people as individuals...#UAEDealWithThem

Your Highness, Kindly accept this sincere apology, from a Kenyan citizen. We have no words to express the shame, I and the vast majority of Kenya

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Your Highness,

Kindly accept this sincere apology, from a Kenyan citizen. We have no words to express the shame, I and the vast majority of Kenyans, who are honest hard working people, continue to feel, after being extremely let down by the conduct of some Kenyan politicians and their network of unscrupulous people. This and all following the recent Fake Gold Scandal. That is not us, that is not Kenyan. #KenyansApologiseToUAE

I trust that, you will find it in your heart to deal with the unscrupulous people as individuals. #UAEDealWithThem

It’s a pity, you’ve encountered our worst, as this country, in reality, is currently governed by #tinpots. Whom now it’s clear, are using their intelligence and positions to line their own pockets at the expense of the vast majority of our people. 

It’s a shame – this is NOT us.

No sooner had we highlighted the sludge of Kenyan #Kakistocracy – government of the worst people – that circumstances crystallized, showering down a flood of revealing examples. Skeletons have since made a mass exodus from the closet of these politicians, and civil servants exposing a network of perennial corrupt actors in the process. The Fake Gold Scandal is just one excellent example.


The Revealing Gold Scandal

A Gold Scum has unearthed a revealing political storm, following the exposure of a recorded conversation believed to be between Mr. Zandi, and Bungoma Senator, Moses Wentangula. It exposed a gold syndicate which conned a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family of ksh. 400 million. 

The voice recording believed to be the nephew of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Emir (ruler), Mr. Zandi and the Senator, suggests the involvement of senior police officers, civil servants and politicians including Raila Odinga and even the President, further intensifying the controversy.

Voice recording believed to be the nephew of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Emir (ruler), Mr. Zandi and the Senator.

The deal; Emir paid a deposit, for sale of gold, from Democratic Republic of Congo, a consignment which is yet to be delivered over five months later, raising concerns among the Emirate Royals. 

Mentioned in the now controversial audio clip were President Uhuru Kenyatta, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and former prime minister Raila Odinga. The viral clip appeared to suggest the president, the ODM party leader and CS Matiang’i were part of the fake gold racket.

Fanning speculation is the alleged recent meeting of President Uhuru and Raila with the Emir over the said sale of Gold in Dubai.  These happenings are curious, coming in the wake of the recent inauguration of DRC President Fielix Tshisekedi, where President Kenyatta was the only Head of State in attendance.  The telephone conversation oddly mentions Raila Odinga, as an interested party in the deal, while he happens to be in DRC – the alleged source of the gold in question – coincidence …duh!

Art of Silencing Scandals Perfected

While polarized politics and the public court of social media has increased the spread and intensity of news of the scandal generating more questions than answers.  The kakistocrats have perfected the art of silencing scandals.

Like many scandals before this one, in which these individuals have been involved, one shouldn’t expect much. We can expect the following standard procedures to drown and finally fizzle away the Gold scandal .

Scandal Silencer #1 – A full-frontal assault by Supporters of affected politician(s)

  • Standard Political interference : The standard practice by these unscruplous politicians is to distort the facts whenever such cases, particularly where a politician they support is mentioned.  A press conference is urgently called to intimidate and discourage debate and reinforce the status quo.  The script was followed to the letter upon the revelation of the Gold scandal and a recent of the cabal play this role.
  • Gladys Wanga, HomaBay Woman Representative, addressed a press conference alone in a park and read a statement blaming imaginary enemies to scuttle in order to scuttle public attention on the theft.
  • A newspaper article or friendly “public opinion influence” will appear shortly, discrediting the buyers of the gold, as drug dealers, laundering money…..etc. All this while there will be a studious silence on the Kenyan fraudsters – this may be already happening as we read!

Scandal Silencer #2 – No Action:

  • Let the victims chase till they get tired: the Emirate have been chasing the matter for five months, including the Emir allegedly meeting President Uhuru and Raila while in Dubai – and no action has been taken.
  •  Keep the victim hopeful: In the telephone conversation, the Senator, promises Zandi he will be in touch on Monday – he left the country.
  • Idling engine maneuvers” in legal system: As happens routinely the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) will produce notices / statements / press briefing suggesting action, while in reality there will be no movement on the matter.
  • Prosecute the small fries: By the time the news broke on Monday, not even by Wednesday, had the mysterious, and politically well-connected  masterminds of the deal, Zaheer Jhanda, Don Bosco Gichana, Chris Obure and Mr Richard Kubo who operates a logistics company at the Wilson Airport had been summoned by the investigating authorities.  While the rest of the players in the scandal, had since gone underground and / or out of the country.
  • Take a peek, below at some of the interesting issues that should give you a sense on the kind of people mentioned in the FAKE GOLD SCHEME ;

Zaheer Jhanda ; the politically networked mastermind of the gold scum defends himself ….his name also appeared in the dodgy phase II SGR payments instruction…. He was allegedly the “bribe collector” …..

Don Bosco Gichana; Remember the 2007 election SUV Hammer of Raila Odinga, well it was a gift from Gichana ………….. The 41-year old was recently released by a Tanzanian court on a $149,000 (Sh13.7 million) fine after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to launder money. He reportedly has a number of fraud cases pending in America…. Besides a case of alleged  theft of more than Sh 200 million from Fina bank and Eco bank fizzled out…

Scandal Silencer #3 – Selective prosecution

  • Selective prosecution:, if any, which spares the powerful while punishing those without connections as the scandal slowly fizzles off, as another situation is created to attract media attention.
  • Chris Obure below is one of the perpetrators of the gold scum is a perennial offender who enjoys political patronage … look at this… and there are ..MORE CLIPS…

Chris Obure: Has surfaced herE again, do you remember he was in court having been “hunted down” for pistol brandishing with impunity on several occasions including threatening people ? What became of it?

Scandal Silencer #4 – Court or “from-above” Orders to silence the story

  • Expect instructions to stifle the story from “higher-ups” or even a court order to kill any further publishing of the story – end of story.  Do you remembers the British American Tobacco (B.A.T) Bribery Scandal, aired by the BBC around 2015?
Senator Wetangula

It seems hardly a day goes by without a new revelation of suspected corruption in high places, further undermining the trust Kenyans once had in their civil servants and politicians.

So far, there is no sign these wobbles will blunt the advance of demands from Kenyans for a change – a revolution.  It remains to be seen if this gold scandal will be silenced as usual.

I trust that the Emir will;

  • hold these people personally accountable #UAEDealWithThem for their actions and/or inaction; and
  • every Kenyan disapproves of these thieves #KenyansApologiseToUAE


Peter Ouma Muga

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    Benedict Odoyo Oyamo 2 years

    The article is spot on. we live in a country of cartels and a ,citizen uprising is the ultimate solution..nothing short but this also may not work because corruption has gone into tribal nerves. But do I say!

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