HomaBay Kabunde Airstrip Exposed as Anti-Corruption Body A Fish Rotten from the Head Looks-on

HomaBay Kabunde Airstrip Exposed as Anti-Corruption Body A Fish Rotten from the Head Looks-on

BendABuru Alert...... If looking for a masterclass in mismanagement, HomaBay County offers just that. Ballooning costs flowing from dubious con-tract

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BendABuru Alert……

If looking for a masterclass in mismanagement, HomaBay County offers just that. Ballooning costs flowing from dubious con-tracts which have dealt the county a serious financial and development death blow. Who at Ethics and Anti Corrouption Commission [EACC] is on the take?

In a series, we shall continue to lay bare the reality of how one project meant to produce animal feed became a dubious milking cow for deals’ whose true beneficiaries are hidden, equipment paid for and not delivered and public money misused and possibly stolen.

Arujo Animal Feed Plant – feeding the “county animals”

Animal Feed Plant – was to be completed in 2016, current [22.11.18] incomplete state

The Arujo Animal Feed Plant is one among the “projects” in the list of dubious agricultural initiatives, which has since come to shape the legacy of HomaBay Governor Cyprian Awiti, his Deputy  Mr. Hannington Orata and County Secretary Isaiah Ogwe.

Construction of the questionable project, commenced in 2014 under the watch of  the experienced CEC Trade Agriculture and Investments, Professor Peter Ogada. A former  Managing Director Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute and Moi University Holdings Limited.

The project which does not demonstrate thoughtful planning, or perhaps it actually does, depending on which side of the public money eating divide you are. Its tops the list of grandiose sounding “agricultural schemes.”  meant to hoodwink the HomaBay public, and yet as is now been revealed appears to have been meant to loot the public purse. Schemes which have now been exposed, and continue to dog the Awiti government in its blatant theft of public resources.

The scheme was indeed a sheer waste of public resources because;

No Approvals; The construction of this dubious project, commenced in 2014 without an appropriate feasibility study, not even the legally required approvals were obtained from the National Environment Management Agency [NEMA]. Approval which almost certainly wouldnt have been issued – unless of course!

Serious Airport Risks:  In complete disregard of good sense, the facility is located in the proximity of Kabunde Airstrip, an area known to have a high population of scavenger birds! …

Its’ common knowledge that such a facility [animal feed processing] would attract more scavanger birds.  Such an increase in population of scavanger birds in the area would in turn expose planes flying into [and out of] Kabunde Airstrip to “birds hits.”  An encounter with disastrous lethal consequences for the birds, planes and humans.

How could such a serious risk be overlooked and construction of the facility commence. Or was it ignored!  You are not alone in wondering why?

Well….there was a almost certainly a consideration on the table, that was an overiding interest which wished away this serious concern. What! Your guess is as good as mine!…..

Tenderprenuers Tenderprenurship at its worst! That’s the answer! The serious and deterring concerns were not strong enough to stop the elaborate project launch ceremony presided over by the Governor complete with an inflated budget – it was eating time construction had to commence!

….and the party continued…..

Equipment is paid and not delivered: A company Manpro Engineering Services Ltd [a smoke screen company of one of the CECS], was awarded the contract to supply the animal feed equipment on 8th July, 2014. Accordingly a procurement agreement, was signed between the County Secretary, Mr. Isaiah Ogwe, and the contractor.

The con-tractor has since been paid Kshs. 25,347,168, on 10th October 2014 for Supply, Delivery and Installation of Animal Feeds Factory equipment.  However, the Animal Feed equipment was to be delivered on site by December 2015 has not been delivered!

Approval of Manpro Investments Ltd for Equipment not delivered

…..The county government has spent in excess of Kshs. 90M to date “on feeding the animals”[Animal Feed Project] which is now stalled at the lintal!

…….Among others……

Public Interest Interest

The suspicious transfer of EACC Officers who investigate the “County Capture” by this cartel has been noted! Making us arrive at the conclusion the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission has not been able to break [and may be participating in] the strangle-hold by the cartel [of known politicians and public servants] who blatantly plunder public resources in the county.

And so the nomination of the new CEO, we hope, is a blessing for clean government. As we congratulate the selection panel for as not considering the existing EACC Officers including Deputy CEO Michael Mubea and Director of Investigation Mr. Abdi Mohamud.

…..Clean House Mr. Mbarak….

Michael Mubea – Deputy Director EACC – Photo Courtesy

The opportunity for basic services …water, roads, medicines in public hospitals …etc…etc  …. are being denied an entire generation in HomaBay County by a clique of immoral and greedy heartless unethical corrupt politicians and public servants.

And , we believe some are still sitting in Integrity House.  Not for long we hope! As their accomplices in HomaBay are also weeded out.

Mr. Twalib Mbarak clean house at the EACC whom I dare say, has not done well and reminds us of the saying “a fish starts rotting from the head.”

Mr Mbarak, you may not be aware, but when news of your nomination broke. Many EACC employees celebrated!! They have an expectation you will support them turn around their dented reputation of non-performance.  The party of raiding the public funds must stop.

You have our prayers and goodwill!


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    Tara maria 3 years

    Following. your stories about the rotten county of homa bay are all facts. continue with your good work

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      Thank you Nyakwar siprina for the compliments.
      We knowlege awareness of this delicate moral responsibility which we exercise as we keep Homa-Bay and the world informed – with fairness and balance.

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