Revealed: How Nyanza Trip Seals President Kenyattas’ Legacy

Revealed: How Nyanza Trip Seals President Kenyattas’ Legacy

BendABuru Alert..… Disclosure: Missing link in President Kenyattas' legacy surfaces, yet again, as planned Homa Bay County trip offers opportunity. 

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BendABuru Alert..…

Disclosure: Missing link in President Kenyattas’ legacy surfaces, yet again, as planned Homa Bay County trip offers opportunity.  Will the President rise [or squander] the right set of circumstances to seal a positive legacy?

“Protect Us Mr. President” HomaBay Residents Cry Out – Photo Courtesy

His Excellencys’ Homa Bay visit scheduled for next month,  happens amid a bucketful of remarkable events in the county.  All which provide the good natured man, with a near perfect opportunity to fortify his legacy – should he wish to!

Top of the list that shadow the Presidents’ visit, are matters of his Chief Host, Governor Cyprian Awiti.  Against whom an election petition is pending [and delayed] in The Supreme Court. Besides, Awiti who lost the first two rounds of the election petition before the High Court and Appeals Court, now seems to have fallen on his gubernatorial sword. And has not been seen in public for some 6 months.

The missing link in President Uhuru Kenyatta legacy avails itself, yet again, in his visit to Homa Bay County. And begs the question whether he can rise to the occasion?

Reliable sources also suggest, the Presidents’ “front party” dispatched to identify projects in Homa Bay for the President to grace during the impending visit, failed to find projects initiated by the County and worthy of the Presidents time and attention. All which seems to corroborate serious existing, and growing consensus over the underwhelming mediocre performance of the second-term administration of Governor Awiti.

Worse still, the County Assembly has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, having witnessed ugly scenes including fist-fights pitting various MCA factions.

…..In essence, the Executive and Legislative arm of the County are not functioning at the desired level.

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While the County Government, is still reeling from the shock waves of revelations in the Auditor-General [ FY 2016-2017] Report on the County.  The non-compliances disclosed in the report suggest its the Countys’ worst Audit findings, since the advent of devolution. Which the Auditor-General concluded; “I am not able to confirm public money has been applied lawfully and in an effective way.”

Whereas the Presidents anger and tough talk on public office holders depicts his goodwill. Acting on Homabay County, currently held hostage by a cartel of public servants and politicians plundering public funds and property with impunity – is a sure test – as he visits.

The Report signed by the Auditor- General, Mr. Edward Ouko, currently in the public domain, has revealed various financial and regulatory anomalies. Currently circulating on social media, with hard copies doing the rounds, it suggests huge wastage, and lack of transparency [bordering on fraud] in the usage of public resources by the County.

Disclosures, which range from payment of Billions of public funds without supporting documents, to non-availability of the list of projects undertaken in the year, not to mention out-right payment for work not done  – and even alleged payment of Millions of public money for non-existent projects have elicited a mixture of anger and despondency in this development starved County.

….audit findings suggest rampant irregularities, cushioned by ineptitude on the part of the county administration ….. and the Homa Bay people are aware!

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Stopping Corruption [in HomaBay] is a great Legacy building Opportunity for President – Photo Courtesy

These happenings are common knowledge in the County. The surprise is the pin-drop silence maintained by the elected leadership in the county.  Including the leadership of the senate committee tasked to provide oversight. Who have twice visited the County dead end “fact finding” missions – which suggests a silent collusion.

The discerning Homa Bay public continue to read through the suspicious transfer of anti-graft commission officers at the Nyanza Regional Office in Kisii. Concluding the “law enforcement agencies” there are more concerned with window dressing – for whatever reason! There is no desire to see to it that all those who abuse office are conclusively dealth considering no replies to petitions, little or no action and nothing sensible about clawing back public funds.

Despite these glaring anomalies in Homa Bay County, the “law enforcement agencies” have not landed a single “big fish” from the cesspool of corruption.

…..Its’ against this backdrop that the President is visiting Homa Bay County.

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Wind For the Presidential Legacy Sails

As the President dedicates time, energy and resources on achieving the Big4: food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and affordable healthcare for all. The reality in Homa Bay County, is that launching initiatives in any of these areas would be appreciated, much as the county suffers from “Project Launch Fatigue.”

Timely Visit to HomaBay – Photo Courtesy

This social malady [“Project Launch Fatigue”] follows the County Governments’ unique distinction, in performing elaborate Project launches, ribbon cutting with pomp and festivity, and yet, many of the projects are incomplete, still born or non-existent!  Little wonder, a list of ongoing project in FY 2016 – 2017 wasn’t availed to the Auditor General during the Audit.

Yet in his wisdom, the President could still launch a project that addresses, a problem which appears not only endemic in Homa Bay County, but very likely is a concern shared across some of the counties and even at the national level. The implications of involvement in this suggested initiative, is that it would under-write the Big4 Agenda, and deliver a significant positive legacy elevation for the President!

The proposed  Project emphasizes “Clean Audit Reports” by ALL Counties as a national initiative to Fights Corruption!

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Operation Clean Audit – All counties by 2019

Fighting corruption ought to be an  Agenda overarching the Big4 Agenda. As it is now, corruption rollin-back and negates any Big4 Agenda gains – and more importantly dilutes the Presidents legacy.

From the Audit report on Homa Bay,  citing rampant Public fund leaks.  It appears the “malady” of corruption is in danger of “graduating into something terminal” in the County.

The Homa Bay Audit Report, therefore provides an ideal-locally-sensitive game changer. And the President should firmly place [and revamp] audits as a primary tool for inculcaing a culture of accountability  fortifying the Presidents’ legacy [and anti-corruption initiatives] agenda.

The President should therefore, read the riot act to Counties with rogue tendencies like Homa Bay, and state categorically that having a “Clean Audit” by 2019 is paramount. This would resonate not only locally, in Homa Bay, during the visit, but also have a nationwide impact and implication. It’d re-position the mandatory audits of the Counties as a preventive focus area in the fight against corruption.

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How “Project Clean Audits” will impact on Homa Bay County, and Kenya citizens?

One can safely assume, that any County with a “Clean Audit” opinion has strong financial management, sound internal controls and a robust budgeting process. All of these elements, bear witness to the fact that the County spends the funds at their disposal efficiently and effectively towards meeting the targets set out in their strategic plans.  Which ultimately results in improved service delivery for the citizens of that area.

“Clean Audits” are therefore critical to achieve, as it demonstrates a fully functional County. Which ultimately enhances public confidence and accountability significantly. All Counties must therefore, strive to achieve a “clean audit.”

The icing on the cake during the Homa Bay visit, would be also to have the relevant “law enforcement agencies” walking the talk with the President – to prevent, combat, investigate [and where necessary prosecute] –  the cited audit issues.


Needless to say, during the visit, the Homa Bay people, and the country, will be watching whether the Presidents message and action are one “business as usual” on the corruption-busting front, or whether the President will signal that dealing appropriately with corruption is a priority.

Anything less, would render the visit just an ordinary ribbon cutting session, which would be most unfortunate.  As they say …actions speak louder than words… the President should exhaust all avenues provided for him by the constitution to drain the swamp.

How better to preserve a legacy, than …be our  shield and defender, where justice [appears] to have failed. Take this fight against corruption to one of its dens – HomaBay County!