HomaBay Fears Foul Play in Supreme Court Kick-Starts Plan B

HomaBay Fears Foul Play in Supreme Court Kick-Starts Plan B

BendAburu Alert ........ The Court case,  the basis of Governor Cyprian Awitis' tenure as HomaBay County Governor took a different turn last night –

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BendAburu Alert ……..

The Court case,  the basis of Governor Cyprian Awitis’ tenure as HomaBay County Governor took a different turn last night – Sunday 20th January 2019 – following the unusual silence from the corridors of justice.

The deafening silence from the Supreme Court, and failure to diarise the case, which I dare say is one of the most unfortunate examples of failure by a County administration [and lack of] leadership.   The case has enabled Awiti to stay put, as the wheels of justice drag on “pending determination and judgement.”  The silence  is deafening, worse still, and MORE importantly, the circumstances are a great example of abuse of the judicial system [by an unscruplous  leadership] to stay in power, against the will of the electorate.  The prolonged silence has made those concerned about the happenings in the County uncomfortable – and suspicious!

Whereas it is true that the Supreme Court  verdict will determine whether voters in HomaBay will have to elect a new Governor.   The Appeal Court upheld an earlier judgment of the High Court that had established that the IEBC failed to conduct a free and fair poll.  This verdict has been keenly awaited by HomaBay County residents and other Kenyans alike.

It goes without saying that the long period it’s taken the Supreme Court to schedule the verdict continues to hurt HomaBay County –ever heard of justice delayed is justice denied!

Besides, such a delay has not only provided an opportunity for the unscrupulous politicians and public servants to continue running down the affairs of the county.  But in the process, it has denied the HomaBay people – the constitution enshrined right – to service delivery by the County government. And as such some public servants in the County continue to provide a masterclass, on how a County administration can be looted, wealth acquired through the back-door and administration made to fail miserably.

The County’s appalling record is not only common knowledge, and evident in the stalled, incomplete and numerous “only-on-paper” projects dotted all over the eight sub-counties of HomaBay County. But is also a fact documented, validated, and credibly reported, by among others the Auditor General FY 2016/17 Report. All which demonstrate an unabated blatant plunder of public resources at the county.

The Supreme Court therefore ought to dispense with the verdict before it. Any further extension is not warranted, and is not justifiable, and is not in the public interest – least of all for us residents of HomaBay County.

Peoples’ Sovereignty Will Prevail Eventually

While beneficiaries of the Awiti tenure exist, a sizable number of citizens in HomaBay are concerned about his [and the Assemblys’] past performance and future plans for the direction of the County. All these are the people with whom the sovereign power resides as defined by the Kenyan Constitution.

And no procrastination, or suspicious delay, or extension by the Supreme Court can override the peoples will and sovereign right.

HomaBay County should not be a playground of the rich, nor they “honey jar” because the County is not a desert, but a place where human beings are found [and while they also aspire for development], they must be treated with respect and dignity and a right to self-determination. The #HomaBayMosquitoCartel can not, should not and will not prevail!

Forms for Collection of Signatures to suspend HomaBay County Government No. 043


Consequently, conscious of their entitlement under Article 1 (1) of the Constitutions of Kenya which provides that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with the constitution. Bunge la Wenye Nchi HomaBay, in a recent initiative championed by its Speaker, Walter Opiyo and Advisor, Peter Ouma Muga, have started exercising this right through collection of signatures for a petition to suspend the County government of HomaBay [sending the Governor, Deputy, CECs and MCAs home] for engaging in actions which are against the common needs and interests of the citizens of Homa-Bay County.

Bunge la Wenye Nchi HomaBay has arrived. Bunge is determined to support the people protect the sovereignty and revive correct politics [and administration] in the County, positioning the County in a correct path. It is possible. We have taken that position and many in the County are willing to follow.

Our struggle seeks to inspire accountable leaders, not dictators, not unaccountable leadership that turns a public purse into a personal purse. Tired and disappointed with the failure of the elected leadership in the county, the initiative  kick starts this people driven process to make the current leaders account for their performance and documented misdeeds enjoys popular support in the County.

The – will of the people – is sovereign and unstoppable!

Peter Ouma Muga – Advisor, Bunge la wenye Nchi,  HomaBay.