Homabay County Benefitted from 33B  – Legacy of Governor Cyprian Awiti?

Homabay County Benefitted from 33B – Legacy of Governor Cyprian Awiti?

While for some, it's hard to recall the original warm sunny vision, amid excitement and hope offered, when Cyprian Awiti assumed office on March 3rd 2

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While for some, it’s hard to recall the original warm sunny vision, amid excitement and hope offered, when Cyprian Awiti assumed office on March 3rd 2013, as 1st Governor of Homabay County.  I however think, we need to understand why and where it all started fading, or hasn’t it?  

In the first state of the County address on 27th March 2014, the Governor assured “the distinguished people of Homabay”, that “the county government was in safe hands.” A phrase, he used severally in his speech on that day.

And we all, with a few exceptions, of course, believed Jamawego aka Akuba in the advent of devolution!!

Excerpts from State of The County Address By Governor Awiti on 27th March 2014

Over the last 7 years, Homabay county, has received approximately Kshs. 33billion from the central government… …..and really more …… if you include revenue collection,. grants from various development partners …. This and all over the past seven years!  However, since I find the total figure mind boggling, – lets’ stick with the 33B!
If you however feel inspired, and your mental juices are tingling and long for activity – kindly look up all the figures, and in the In the grand scheme of things, you may appreciate what I have noted and modestly describe as “mind boggling!”

…Can you sniff the 33B anywhere in Homabay….

I’m persuaded that even at a basic level, with a few thousand shillings in the pocket, money will often leave traces how a person navigates through life. A situation often captured poetically by my friend Davis, and in true rib cracking, yet pithy fashion whenever he asks “kwani hela ikipita si inawacha alama au harufu?” [really when money passes, doesnt it leave traces where it has passed, even a whiff – a scent?].
Think about it. When CDF was first introduced, [and where the Member of Parliament had a committee which worked well with it]. I trust that besides you, not just the community generally, but even the cockroaches [if only they could answer], in the cupboard in that area experienced an enhanced quality of life.
Let’s piggyback off the Davis’ humour for a second.  Taking a step back – for a long hard unbiased look – what does a concerted look reveal in Homabay county.  If I may  ask?
Can I further convince you, to try and …smell ….see …or even hear ……the tracks or traces of the 33B received in the county so far in the last 7  years – a cool 33B  – spent on development in the county.  And though not altogether accurate, try and imagine something with me for just a minute to give us a sense of what may be happening in the county.
Divide the 33B [received to date] among the 40wards in the county [meaning each ward should get 33B / 40 wards = 825M ]. Now, may I ask?
Do you can see traces of development worth even half of this [825M / 2 = 412M] in your ward since the county government was ushered in 7 years ago?
Let that marinate for a while.

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The question  raised here, is whether under the stewardship of Govenor Awiti…. and his team …. the current county administration has provided Homabay County value for the 33B received to-date?
Even if you divided the 33B by the 40wards in the county [ 33B/40wards = 825M]. Start with your ward or subcounty, if you wish?  Can you see traces of it?
Well…? In the next couple of articles, we shall weigh in on this conversation – with facts and figures – and share what we have observed …. and possibly more!
So hang in there for  some thougths on #HomabayCounty@7.

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Decide ……as we explore back in time….

Turning back the clock – Homabay County

It’s your call to pass judgement on this legacy …..

However it begs the question, if we could turn back the hands of time, 7 years.  When we first entrusted the Governor …..and his team …….. with Homabay county – forget the disputed 2017 election – just move it by an hour?  Would Governor Cyprian Awiti have been elected, if the public knew then what it knows now – or better still, for those who don’t know, – and yet will know shortly – would they?
It really is your call!!
Look out for the series of articles #HomabayCounty@7 – and decide!