Hoax Revealed: Esther Passaris… Run, baby, run!

Hoax Revealed: Esther Passaris… Run, baby, run!

The Sonko vs Passaris saga refuses to go away, and instead opens a can of worms. Is Esther a feminist, puppet of the dynasty, or gold-digger? Or ALL!

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The Sonko vs Passaris saga refuses to go away, and instead opens a can of worms. Is Esther a feminist, puppet of the dynasty, or gold-digger? Or ALL!

As you read this, I MUST quickly add, that I have never personally met Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris  nor Governor Sonko, and have no desire to do so.  Yet, I do not believe that the story is principally about Esthers’ great talent for lying or Sonkos unconventional political style. But, perhaps, it tells us a thing or two about our being gullible.

The reports on Mike Sonkos’ public outburst directed at the Woman Rep., during #MadarakaDay2019 celebrations, saw Madam Passaris storm out of the event held at Pumwani Police Grounds on Saturday. In large measure initially portrayed her as the innocent victim of a chauvinist ~ and to an extent true ~ unpredictable Governor.

Passaris walks away

And days after the story broke, Kenyans have been treated to several articles about Passaris, the victim of the hour. What is now turning out to be the latest feminist hate hoax.

The truth is NOW unfolding. presenting us with a REAL political strip tease.

Unanswered call or there is more…..

While attending the Groove Awards Gala night on Saturday night, Passaris explained her version, saying, she has been pleading with the governor to approve the implementation of projects that she wants to work without any success.

She further explained that the National Government Affirmative Action Fund board that manages the kitty allocated to Woman Representatives needed Sonko’s approval to fund her projects. An yet, the Governor was not picking her calls!

Public Insults..?

Earlier in the day, during the public gathering, she accused the Governor whose response triggered a stream of cans, each competing to empty its content of worms. Sonko in response to Passaris claims, had said; “Ume complain simu zako sishiki… nikiwa kwa mkutano kama hii, siwezi shika simu, sababu iko pale nyuma… hata mimi saa zengine napigia Rais hashiki simu, na siwezi complain, because he is a busy president. Kwa hivyo mimi sio bwana yako ati nishike simu saa ile wewe unataka! Kwa hivo hapo tuheshimiane” Sonko said.

The Unfortunate thing with Passaris kind of breed …..

You see, just as there are worthy victims and unworthy ones, so it is with hoaxes – and this is a good example.

The Passaris Vs Sonko incident has various noteworthy aspects, the first that is bound to jump out at a reader pertains to how she walked out during the #MadarakaDay2019 celebrations. To which my first reaction was one of amazement. Surely, I thought, anybody with eyes [and ears] would note, and has had immediate doubts about her claims of being victim!  She started the political barbs on that day, and now with the below video it is evident that besides her own, its likely she is pushing another agenda.

Hon. Esther Passaris

The public trial [and you will decide for yourself] now seems to suggest, what was then not obvious, that Esther Passaris is not a very, very convincing liar… [my emphasis].

Various young men could have had their lives ruined based on Passaris’ storytelling skills.  Futher, it tells us something more general about the pathologies of the society in which we live. I suspect that the Esther Passaris story is only possible in this current-day of weaponized feminism and generalized nuttiness.

Lets cast the net wider; for more than one year, the groundbreaking #MeToo movement and related Time’s Up initiative have broken taboos and sparked an unprecedented global conversation about the sexism, harassment and violence many women face in professional environment. Not to be left behind, Women politicians joined he gravy train and have also been saying #MeToo in politics. However this Hoax by Passaris confirms the worst fears of such insensitive activism and EXPOSES opportunists and shallow elements in what may be a noble agenda. And she isn’t alone, some women politicians in Kenya. I know at least one recent invitee to the corruption cabal , yet that’s for another day.

Hoax Exposed …..Run, baby, run!

I found the Esther Passaris story quite fascinating, and I forwarded it to various people with whom I correspond, and who are avowed feminists. As juicy as it is, none of them had ever heard of the story – how convenient!

A woman crying out loud during a national day celebration with claims of NOT being given an opportunity to serve Nairobians is a GREAT story. Only that it is a story of a woman mounting a hate hoax.

In any case, if the feminist narrative is largely about portraying women as victims, the Passaris vs Sonko story, is a clear case of a woman victimizing a man. Actually, it goes beyond that; it allowed her [and insensitive others] to wield this feminist victimization narrative as a weapon to victimize innocent men. What we have here, at least in this instance, is weaponized victimization narrative.

Now, obviously, all of this is a question of perspective. For the feminists pushing a certain agenda in which women are always the victim, the Passaris Vs Sonko story is clearly rather convenient. And i’m surprised if they haven’t, some women politicians will call a press conference to shore up her dented image! And the media will be falling over each other in getting their story, and give it eminence.

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What to do?

For Sonko it will be different Of course, some media houses, like happened last night on JK LIVE ON CITIZEN TV, his story did not fit in someones agenda. So Sonko had to be controlled, or be denied an opportunity to say his piece, after being invited. Reason: sonko does not belong to the prestige economy / the prestige club They can indeed be selective, in what they tell you. This is regrettable, but there is not much to be done about it.

From the perspective of a reader, one who wants to be well informed, there is a clear lesson in this Passaris hoax: one should be very wary of relying solely on information sources that are aligned with one particular perspective. If you want to learn about the issues, you should not avoid material that will challenge your preconceived ideas; you should even seek it out.

Of course, the above is based on the assumption that you are seeking the truth.

For those of you who do not at all mind that your habitual information sources go on endlessly about Sonko, “a hustler” and don’t mention a single word about Passaris “puppet of the dynasty.” I don’t have any particular advice. If what you want is simply to reinforce your existing opinion, then just keep on doing whatever you’re doing, I guess.

The video below tells us who sent Passaris Is she a #DynastysPuppet-Ke. I trust you will enjoy this rather long, yet informative, Video released by Sonko…..I heard it just like you….Listen ..