Courtesy Reminder” – Open Letter to President Kenyatta

Courtesy Reminder” – Open Letter to President Kenyatta

If for no other reason, than a timely reminder of personal responsibility to GOD a reputation to protect, and Kenyans’ interests to safeguard.  

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Open Letter to Kenyans on Corruption and Season of Lent

If for no other reason, than a timely reminder of personal responsibility to GOD a reputation to protect, and Kenyans’ interests to safeguard.


 Your Excellency,

As President of our great nation, you are somehow a function; but you are also irrevocably a person, responsible both to God and to this nation for what you do.  It is with regard to your personal responsibility to God that I wish to appeal, as a community-minded citizen. And here is what I have to remind you, Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr. President, head of a great nation.

As mentioned in our Nov. 2018 letter, I write to you, yet again, as a public spirited resident of the County of HomaBay, and concerned citizen.  On a matter, I believe, is close to your heart and that of most Kenyans who wish this country well.

In the said letter, I urged you to initiate an affront to corruption, which I baptized “Operation Clean Audit – All counties by 2019“ during your impending visit to HomaBay County, a leg of your visit to Nyanza earlier this year, which was later deferred, nor was there a demonstrable uptake on our suggestion.

That be as it may, Mr. President, Kenyans today, are deeply worried about the depth, scope, and almost predictable frequency with which incidences of corruption involving the public purse are reported in the counties and at national levels. A concern which continues to hurt the confidence we exuded when as a youthful President, you ascended office in 2013, and we anticipated a break with bad governance practices of previous governments. Today however, the threat – of unabated runaway corruption – to the economic and social fabric of this country is worrying, more so, in the face of seemingly inconsistent credible initiatives to tackle it by your government.

Your Excellency, in our Nov. 2018 letter we proposed that the fight against corruption ought to be an overarching item of your Big4 Agenda. Considering, that as it is now, the vice is rolling-back and vigorously eroding any Big4 Agenda gains. A reality that has far-reaching consequences, which includes, and is not limited, to aggressively diluting your legacy. Needless to say, Your Excellency, you have a reputation to protect and Kenyans’ interests to safeguard.

The country therefore, urgently seeks your leadership in steering the country clear of this vice, and craves for “a firm and principled approach to tackling corruption.”

Today, Your Excellency, I ask, yet again, if your government is to have any hope of addressing the widespread discontent and growing cynicism, over the manner your governments is approaching the fighting against corruption.

I see a Kenya with hunger and thirst for justice in the fight against corruption. A Kenya of aggrieved people, of people aggrieved by the distortions that the law imposes who should serve it. Of women and men afflicted by abuse of the authorities or by the arrogance of government offices.

Kenya, Your Excellency, will need to see more than lofty language in the fight against corruption.

Polite Reminder – How “Project Clean Audits” will impact on Counties, and Kenya Citizens?

Your Excellency, from the time we urged you to adopt  “Operation Clean Audit – All counties by 2019,“ in Nov. 2018,, a welcome success stories have already emerged. Makueni and Nyandarua Counties, have demonstrated a clean audit [UNQUALIFIED/CLEAN AUDIT from Auditor General in FY 2017/18] is achievable, enhancing public confidence and accountability in the county significantly.

Feedback from Makueni AND Nyandarua Counties further demonstrates significant strides witnessed in development in the county and which we may safely attribute to an intergrity driven development agenda by the countys’ leadership.  This leads one to safely assume, therefore, that any County that obtains an objective “Clean Audit opinion” has strong financial management, sound internal controls and a robust budgeting process. All these elements, bear witness to the fact that the County then spends the public funds at their disposal effectively towards meeting the targets set out in their strategic plans.  Ultimately, resulting in improved service delivery for the citizens of the respective area –  meeting the citizens.

“Clean Audits” are critical to achieve, as it demonstrates a fully functional County.  Your Excellency, we urge that All Counties must therefore, be firmly nudged to strive and achieve a “clean audit in 2019.” and there must be consequences for non-compliance.

Let’s not leave the slightest doubt: devolution continues to open the hopes of every corner of Kenya into a much stronger economy. And while there are conditions to do it, and which country demands. The seeming lacklustre fight against corruption by your administraton is however marring your legacy.

Way Forward – Your legacy

Needless to say, we wish Your Excellency well, and are watching, whether your message and action will be one of “business as usual” on the corruption-busting front, or whether the Your Excellency will signal “a firm and principled approach to tackling corruption” dealing appropriately with corruption as a priority.

Anything less, as we mentioned in our letter, Mr.  President, would – unfortunately – render your visits to the counties – like HomaBay – into just ordinary ribbon cutting sessions.

As they say …actions speak louder than words… so Your Excellency should exhaust all avenues provided for him by the constitution to drain the corruption swamp.  Task the mandated arms of government to formulate AND ENFORCE rules that will make all government officials and public servants loathe corruption so much that integrity will be perceived as the cheaper alternative it is, and corruption as the expensive alternative that no one should afford.

My decision, Your Excellency, in writing this reminder isn’t one that I’ve taken lightly, or in haste. I wish to add.  To always act in accordance with my principles is a burden that I’ve embraced with pride.  And I implore you – in the name of God – to take these steps to protect counties such as HomaBay County which does not have a single complete project to show since the advent of devolution seven years ago.

With great respect, sir, I am your fellow citizen.

Yours, for Kenya,

 Peter Ouma Muga

Advisor- Bunge La Wenye Nchi HomaBay