Panic as Exposed Leaders Drown

Panic as Exposed Leaders Drown

BendAburu Alert...... Recent  events REVEAL our politicians aren't only shallow & self-seeking, but  - KAKISTOCRATIC and NOW are ALARMED YOU KNOW

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BendAburu Alert……

Recent  events REVEAL our politicians aren’t only shallow & self-seeking, but  – KAKISTOCRATIC and NOW are ALARMED YOU KNOW! kakistocraticy means rule by the worst people!

Maybe, you have not heard the warning! Well, today, recent happenings increasingly leave me convinced we can weaken the roots of the leadership plague in kenya. And to understand what I mean, luckily we have one badly underused word that sums it all up; a kakistocraticy [pronounced kak-uh-STAH-kruh-see], which literally means government by the worst element of a society.

The vast majority, of elected leadership [and public servants] continue to present distinctly kakistocratic tendencies, and are totally unworthy of the hope of Kenyans for good governance. Why? Clearly a number are engaged in a frenzy – of private gain at public expense – and have erected and cemented grand political corruption as one of the pillars of the devolved political arrangement.  A reality almost certainly leading the nation to institutional and moral ruin.

According to Phrontistery,  a staggering 169 forms of governments exists, including bizarelly enough, diabolocracy [government by the devil] and pornocracy [government by harlots]. I guess it must have been an issue at some point in time to invent such terms. But it means kakistocracy is in competition with other robust, and not so robust terms.


Leadership without intelligence or integrity gives rise to kakistocraticy –a government or organization that is ruled by the most unprincipled, unethical and unqualified managers and leaders.

Though the word been around for a few hundred years, its been overtaken by others perhaps more colorful words to describe deviant government.

Most elected leaders in Kenya today are true kakistocrats  A kakistocrats is a thug with legitimate executive or legislative power. A form of organised crime, hiding as it does behind the thin veil of legitimacy. They make concerted efforts to pass laws and push policies that benefit themselves and not the people they lead – engaging in incessant betrayal of public trust.

Though not long ago, this would have been an outlier position, today it’s the organizing principle of a newly empowered segment of politicians, one with a foothold in the political system of this country.  The problem lies in the fact that crooks, and kakistocratic networks, are growing and expanding their shadiness in form and substance.

While many of the politicians, indeed, the newly baptised  kakistocrats are now waist-deep in the big muddy pool, engaged in a mud wrestling contest. However, not all is lost, as some good political representation is still being done today, to be sure, though, it is the exception and not the rule as the rot with some counties beng left behind, as yet others blaze the development tail.

The recent awakening among, Kenyans seems a saving grace. As some Kenyans are now willing to increasingly demonstrate ~ however faintly ~ that they are fed up with the status quo, and are now demanding more of their elected leadership. A trend equivocally demonstrated in the recent by-elections in Embakasi and Ugenya constituencies being likely beacons that Kenyans are maturing and see through the lies peddled by unscrupolous politicians and clowns with filthy sexist insituations [as some Mps now feel challanged for attention and are adopting this language to compete!] and who riddle their public meetings – lets stay with their new name kakistocrats.  And Kenyans are willing to deal with it ….. the wheel is surely turning …. however slowly.

Kenyans are getting to see through the lies peddled by politicians, and are willing to deal with it ….. the wheel is surely turning …. however slowly , but it surely is – Peter Ouma Muga

Whether this is a figment of our collective imagination, is debatable. Because the media, not all, while covering the typical Kenyan life – weekly, daily, hourly –  the country holds its breath [and its nose] increasingly as the media breaks new ground, revealing destructive features of our Kakistocracy.  Whether it is …in matters corruption …fist fights in local assemblies … cover-ups,….. obstruction of justice ……it’s a tale of systematic mentally numbing news of badly behaved self-absorbed people – usually its our elected politician and select public servants.

You remember the looting of funds meant for the Health Ministry, sugar, Ruaraka land, Prison fund loot, NYS SEASON 1, 2 & 3 – AND MORE  ….the trailers of these movie like stories of corruption and mismanagement of the public purse keep coming up with almost predictable frequency.

Must i say then what the lesson is here too … we must stop the Kakistocrats …#SayNotoKenyanKakistocrats ….

And the game plan ….

And The Plot Thickens – Building Bridges Initiative

Emboldened by impunity, a revealing sad and sorry state, is further exposed in a scheme hatched by the political elite – namely Building Bridges Initiative.  Energized, by our seeming silence, they have now reached new heights of cleverness, and ever so subtly, have the audacity, to initiate personal self-preserving schemes ~ financed by us the tax payer ~ and in sure contempt of our intelligence

#SayNotoKenyanKakistocrats – Photo Courtesy

A recent inclusion to their bucklet list is a scheme clothed as a national agenda. To the less discerning among us, this shell game is an integral plot for a “total capture,” of the nation by this political elite bent on sustaining their dynasty. The scheme which goes by a swanky acronym BBI, is intended to ~ push through a referendum ~ and eventually introduce political positions that satisfy the twisted egos of fame-hungry political cronies and relatives of the political dynasties – SLAVERY BY CONSENT, if you know what I mean!

Fortunately, as the plot thickens the script has however remained very simple ~ and revealing ~ next ….  political parties will marshal the troops …..nation-wide political rallies …demonize  those who hold an alternative view as unpatriotic … wallah……. its business as usual.

Fortunately, as the plot thickens the script has remained very simple ~ and revealing ~ to push through a referendum ~ and eventually introduce political positions that satisfy the twisted egos of fame-hungry political cronies and relatives of the political dynasties

The hard and simple fact, is that these schemes riddled with inventions and lies, will succeed if we allow the kakistocrat businessmen to play the tribal card ~which they are probably going to do as they have always done without a care in the world.  What is happening today, however and unfortunately, is that the current lowest form of political leadership ~ notable in lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, ~ and a contempt for the truth or the reality of what aches the ordinary Kenyans is unacceptable.

I mean who are we kidding, the self-interest [of these kakistocratic businessmen] has overrun the real needs of the nation.

Let pull the rug, deny them more business … – #SayNotoKenyanKakistocrats

Toxic Political Parties – or Private businesses

While this may enrich a few, the problem is that it tears a country to pieces!

There is something explosive about an era in which interest in politics grows, while faith in politics declines. Now that, is even more explosive, when in a party political system, especially one like ours, political parties cease to be democratic vehicles for representing the needs of citizens.

What does it mean for the stability of a country, if more and more people warily keep track of the activities of an authority that they increasingly distrust?

When a political party becomes an “exclusive club” of insincere people, who organize themselves ~ and steer decision and policies ~ and the destiny of the electorate in favour of the individual politicians’ self-interest – irrespective of its implication for the citizens of that country?

The people be damned, is their unstated slogan. While this may enrich a few, the problem is that it tears a country to pieces!

And while you may have, in fact, missed most of the great stories of our generation, while we parroted “cannan here we come,” we failed to make the connection between policies of the party and what it stood for. Now however, the record is slowly becoming known.

And the rest, I leave to your imagination….

Worse still…..

While the law on political parties is intended to ensure fair-play.  In reality, the political parties turn out to be “membership clubs” owned by individuals [and their families] – zina wenyewe.  Where entry to engage in elections ~ and obtain a party ticket ~ is secured by the highest bidder! The product of which we see, is surely the kakistocrats who obtained the tickets.

The kakistocrats and their ilk have resorted to leveraging on historic sentiment [identity politics] to facilitate the criminal looting of country’s resources.

It is time to put our diseased and decaying political parties out of their miseries, before they do any more damage to our fragile politics. And I’m not arguing for a new set of parties by any means.

Whether that encouraging fervor is sufficient to rescue Kenyan democracy from the grip of kakistocrats remains to be seen as their sense of comfort in political parties is rocked by the winds of change

We should abolish political parties altogether. They do far more harm than good.

Note that while I suggest this, I must hasten to add, that I’m fully aware of the need to balance big dreams and bold ideas, while also recognizing that change typically happens in steps. However something I find explosive in lessons from Migori senate by-election and more recently Embakasi and more vividly Ugenya by-election, lately, reside here!

Whether that encouraging fervor is sufficient to rescue Kenyan democracy from the grip of kakistocrats remains to be seen as their sense of comfort in political parties is rocked by the winds of change … and the candidates and policies imposed on the electorate during elections …..  are forced to eat humble pie.

So here’s the kicker:

It’s time to scrap these toxic political parties [which we know are businesses of individuals] and which make us all go crazy with conspiracy thinking and assumptions that the other guys are always wrong.

Of course, we will need something in their place – I call them political movements

Anyone could stand for Parliament, on their own ~ as an independent ~ if they chose. Each candidate would be free to seek the endorsement of as many political movements as they wanted – defenders of local industry,… buy-kenyan-build-kenya-movement, serikali mashinani …political conscience movement. – giving a far more accurate representation of who they were and what they really stand for than a party logo can.

Parliament brawl #SayNotoKenyanKakistocrats – Photo Courtesy

Kenyans would therefore, be able to join as many political movements as they wanted, instead of being forced to pick a party.

A parliament elected in this way instead of just taking a party “whip” on every topic, MPs would be able to gather and decide the approach on different topics with those elected with the backing of the relevant political movement. To win their confidence the President would need a programme for government and a Cabinet that brings together a wide range of groups, offering them progress on each movement’s policy priorities. Much better to have this kind of negotiation and debate out in the open, than in the secret rooms where party manifestos – if any – are written. Or more so vague handshakes, I dare say! By the way the handshake may have restored sanity, but what next a year down the road?

Perhaps this sounds confusing. But informal groupings exist even in the Kenyan Parliament already, it’s just that they are only understood by the Parliament watchers. Citizens get little information about what their member stands for. And honesty is what we need more of in Kenyan politics today.

Yes, democracy is wonderful. But democracy inside parties in Kenya today privileges the corrupt, and is torturing the parties themselves to death. We need a new system that celebrates complexity, cooperation and communication.

The kakistocrats – or more precisely, we – have abdicated our responsibility and failed to hold our political leadership accountable. And the price, is we are in the process of creating, in sum, what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot subculture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface, and which can provide harmless fun.

Besides all of this means that we need to rescue a word that is more relevant today than ever.  it is strange that the term coined to best describe such a tragic reality in governance.

In Kenya, the consequence of our abdication is the spectacle, and triumph, evolving into a political culture of deceit and treachery, where the weird, the corrupt and mediocracy are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.

We can’t afford to be a country ruled by [crooks and] kakistocrats, or can we? The need for a counter-Kakitocracy strategy may become more urgent, this year, that you think! – LETS SEE.


 Peter Ouma Muga

Advisor- Bunge La Wenye Nchi HomaBay